sagartop stopper
sagartop stopper
taco verde


The most developed patent. A high quality stopper that offers a perfect pouring from any inclination. Concentrated and abundant flow. It is made for the professionals that have to serve a lot in a little time. Attractive for the points of sale and hostelry. Recommended for exportation due to the low rates of oxygen and its low migration (that is why it passes the hardest sanity controls).
Wide variety of colors



Diameter of the body:
22,3 +,- 0,2 mm

End length::
14 +, - 0,1

Body length:
28 +,- 0,2

Total length:
42 +, - 0,3

0,455 g/cm3

Extraction strength:
28-35 kg

Rupture temperature:
40 - 46 grados

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prior cork stopper
prior cork stopper